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What is Tableau Software?

Tableau established in 2003. It provides all the core features mandatory in a Business Intelligence System. It is user interface is easy and can be ingress even by the non-experts. It allows to drag and drop data so that you can examine it’s the way you want to. Users can easy to connect to data and create dashboards quick. It follows a new resemble BI so, that you can produce fast analysis and insights from data. It allows to merge data from different sources and use it as input. Which makes it more than 10 times faster than its candidates.

Tableau designed by meet the necessity of anyone who needs to analyze business data. It’s an executive, analyst or manager. It can support a wide range of industries like a plan, real estate, and a lot of others. It has spent years of research to install the best practices for the solutions. The Tableau is high featured software. It includes a shareable dashboard, interactive reports, and expandability

Users can accept share information from anywhere. As it is total accordant with all the mobile platforms and tablets. You can clearly view them as you would on a PC. You can strengthen your analysis by add extra layers of data and incorporate many sources of data. It keeps getting rank as one of the superior software for offers BI solutions. It is a great option for small and medium enterprises.


Tableau Features

The Tableau offers solutions for all categories of industries, departments and data environments. Below are the unique features which qualify tableau to manage so many various scenarios

Speed of Analysis:

As it does not need a high level of program expertness. Any computer user with ingress to data can start using it to extract value from the data.



The Tableau doesn't need a complex software setup. The desktop version which is used by most users is easy to install. It Contains all the characteristics needed to start and intact data analysis


Visual Discovery: 

The user traverse and analysis the data by use of visual tools. There is little script done as near done by drag and drop.

Blend Diverse Data Sets: 

The Tableau allows you to mingle different comparative. Semi-structured and raw data sources in real time, without exorbitant up-front integration. The users don’t need to know the details of how data stored.

Architecture Agnostic:

The Tableau works in all kinds of devices where data flows. The user need not worry about specific hardware or software requirements to use Tableau

Real-Time Collaboration:

It allows the colleagues to subscribe to your interactive dashboards. So they see the latest data just by refreshing their web browser.

Centralized Data:

The tableau server offers a centralized location. To manage the organization’s published data sources. You can delete, change permissions, add tags, and manage schedules in one suited location. It’s easy to schedule extract refreshes and manage them in the data server.