Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation

Selenium Test Automation Industry

Selenium is the most powerful used freeware and open source automation tool. The benefits of Selenium for Test Automation are immense. Selenium is an Open-Source tool and easy started with web applications of  Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation.

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation

 It enables to record and playback for testing web applications. The run many scripts across various browsers. The Selenium 3.0 is testing experts are mapping the roadmap for 4.0 and 5.0 versions. the benefits of Selenium test automation hold relevance across diverse business segments.

 1. Open-Source:

 The earlier, the biggest strength of Selenium is freeware and a portable tool. It has no upfront direct costs involved. The tool freely downloaded and the support for it is available, as it is community-based.

2.Supports languages:

Selenium supports languages, including Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript. It has its own script, but it doesn’t limit it to that language. It can work with various languages and the developers/testers are comfortable with.

3. Supports Operating Systems:

Selenium operates and supports many Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX. Selenium solutions, testing created the platform and executed on another one. The create test cases using Windows OS and run it with ease on a Linux based system.

4. Support across browsers:

Selenium provides support across many browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. This resource executing tests and testing across various browsers. The browsers supported by the Selenium packages are:

  1. Selenium IDE used with Firefox as a plug-in
  2. Selenium RC and Webdriver supports diverse browsers such as Internet Explorer
5. Support for programming language and framework

Selenium integrates with programming languages and various frameworks. It can integrate with ANT or Maven type of framework for source code compilation. The integrate with TestNG testing framework for testing applications and reporting purposes. It can integrate with Jenkins or Hudson for Continuous Integration. The integration with other Open-Source tools to supports other features.

6. Tests across devices

Selenium Test Automation implemented for Mobile web application. It automation on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. This help generating results and address issues on a continuous basis.

7. Constant updates

Selenium support community-based and active community enable constant updates and upgrades. These upgrades are available and do not must specific training. This makes Selenium resourceful and cost-effective as well.

8.  Loaded Selenium Suits

Selenium is not singular tool or utility. it a loaded package of various testing tools and referred to as a Suite. Each tool designed to different testing needs and requirements of test environments.

9. Ease of implementation

Selenium offers interface helps create and execute tests. Its Open-Source features help users to script their own extension. that makes easy to develop customized actions and manipulate at an advanced level. Tests run across browsers and the user's tests are being executed. Selenium’s reporting capabilities are reasons for choosing it. it allows testers to extract the results and take follow-up actions.

10. Reusability and Add-ons

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation Framework uses scripts. that tested across many browsers. it is possible to execute many tests with Selenium. The covers almost all aspects of functional testing by implementing add-on tools. that broaden the scope of testing. There are another thought talks about some gaps in Selenium Automation Testing.