1. What is the difference between S3 availability & durability ?

A. Availability refers to the uptime of the service i.e.., accessibility of the data stored in S3. Durability on the other hand, refers to the data that is stored should not suffer from loss and corruption.

2. What are all the measures that you take to protect the data in S3 ?

A. Enable MFA delete to protect data against accidental deletion. lists and pre-signed Encrypt the data using Server-Side Encryption or Client-Side Encryption.

3. What is Elastic IP address ?

A. Elastic IP address(EIP) is a static, internet routable address that is managed by the AWS platform. 

4. How to update AMI tools at the Boot Time on linux?

A. # Update to Amazon EC2 AMI tools

echo ” + Updating EC2 AMI tools”

yum update -y aws-amitools-ec2

echo ” + Updated EC2 AMI tools”

5. Explain about DynamoDB?

A. It is a NoSql database. If you want to have a faster and flexible NoSQL database, then the right thing available is DynamoDB.

6. What are the Defaults services we get when we create custom AWS VPC?

A. Route Table, Network ACL, Security Group

7. What is Edge location?

A. The actual content is cached at these places called edge location. So whenever a user searches for the content, he will find the same at the edge locations.

8. How do you safeguard your EC2 instances running in a VPC?

A. Security Groups can be used to protect your EC2 instances in a VPC. We can configure both INBOUND and OUTBOUND traffic in a Security Group which enables secured access to your EC2 instances.

9. How many Policies can be attached to a role?

A. 10 (Soft limit), We can have till 20.

10. Can cloud front serve content from a non AWS origin server?

A. No

11. In S3 how many buckets can be created?

A. By default 100 buckets can be created in a region.

12. Can a AMI be shared?

A. Yes. AMI can be shared to others by using their AWS account ID.

13. Key Pair and its uses?

A. You use Key Pair to login to your Instance in a secured way. When your instances are spread across regions you need to create key pair in each region.

14. Is this possible to connect your company datacenter to Amazon Cloud?

A. Yes, we can do this by establishing a VPN connection between your company’s network and Amazon VPC.

15. Can you change the Private IP of an EC2 instance while it is running or stopped?

A. A Private IP is STATIC. And it is attached with an instance throughout is lifetime and cannot be changed.