Automation Tools for Android Testing


Automation Tools for Testing Android Applications

Smartphones and tablets need special mobile applications from desktop ones. The operating system of most of the personal computers is Windows. The mobile operating systems are Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian.

Automation Tools for Android Testing

Android Testing Tools:

1. Robotium Android Testing Tool

It utilized automated testing tools for software supported on Android. Robotium is a free Android UI testing instrument. It is reasonable for tests mechanization for various Android forms and sub-adaptations. Software developers often describe it as Selenium for Android. Tests created by Robotium wrote in Java. In fact, Robotium is a library for unit tests Automation Tools for Android Testing. It takes much time and efforts to create tests by means of Robotium. The work with the program source code to automate tests. The tool is unsuitable for interaction with system software. it cannot lock and unlock a Smartphone or a tablet. There is no Record and Play work in Robotium and it doesn't give screenshots.

2. MonkeyRunner Android App Testing

 Android Testing tools used for automating of functional tests for Android software. This tool is low-level Robotium deal with the source code to automate tests. The tests written in Python use a recording tool for creating tests. Monkey Runner can run tests on genuine gadgets associated with a PC or emulators. The tool has an API what allows it to control a smartphone, a tablet or an emulator from outside of Android code.  The disadvantage of the application testing compose scripts for every gadget. Another issue of Monkey Runner has tested need modifications each time. when the user interface of the tested program changed.

3. Ranorex Android Application Testing Tool

Ranorex is a good tool for tests automation not only for the latest. The early versions and sub-versions of Android, beginning from Android 2.2. Ranorex advantages are reports with screenshots. It can connect a smartphone or a tablet to Internet via Wi-Fi. Ranorex Studio enables an automated test engineer to create tests clicking the mouse.

4. Appium Android Automation Framework

It’s a framework for creating automated tests for iOS and Android. It is a free tool. It supports Android versions from 2.3 and later. Appium utilizes Web Driver interface for tests running. It supports many programming languages, such as Java, C#, Ruby and other which are in the Web Driver Library Automation Tools for Android Testing. It can control Safari and Chrome on mobile devices. This testing portable sites utilizing Appium and these programs. some computerized test engineers give poor, lacking reports. its weakness reduced XPath support on mobile devices.

5. UI Automaton for Android Test Automation

This tool has been recently elaborated by Google. It supports Android versions beginning from 4.1. select another Android app testing tool to automate tests for earlier versions. UI Automaton is connected with programming items for Android framework applications. This empowers UI Automaton to bolt and open an advanced cell or a tablet. Scripts created tool executed on many different Android platforms. It allows reproducing complex sequences of user actions. UI Automaton also can use external buttons of a device. such as buttons for going back, volume regulation, turning on and off the device.

Automation Tools for Android Testing

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