ASP.NET Introduction


ASP.NET Introduction  

ASP.NET is also one of the parts in Microsoft .Net. It is a web development platform. This used to increase robust web applications for PC. Thorough programming model, comprehensive software infrastructure and different service applications needed. And also mobile devices required. It may be works on the top of the HTTP protocol. And it used to HTTP policies and commands to cooperation. It used to set the browser-to-server bilateral communication. ASP.NET  introduction is used to service applications may use the edit codes. These codes used to .Net framework. These ASP.NET application server codes can write any of the following language.

  • Visual Basic.Net
  • J script
  • C#
  • J#

ASP.NET server used in the internet product interactive and data-driven web application. ASP.Net introduction consist of the large number of control. They are buttons, text boxes, configurations, labels for assembling. And manipulating code to generate the HTML pages.

Visual Web Developer

For building ASP.NET web applications, Visual Web Developer featured environment. Visual web developer provides the following features.

  • Web page design: web page is powerful. It is editor by the having WYSIWYG and editing the HTML mode. Web page is validation and intelligence in the code.
  • Page design features: The web page layout is very powerful and it is more effect on users. This site layout is having the master pages and the page display has themes, skins and designs.
  • Code editing: the code set up you to write the natural code with the web page in visual basics or C+. Syntax coloration and the intelligence include the code editing.
  • Testing and Debugging: If you have to find the errors in the program. Then the server is testing and debugging.
  • Deployment: the typical tasks are formulating by the tools. And the formulating the hosting server or to hosting provider.

ASP.NET Compiler

ASP.NET compiler is every time edited. This compiler used set up the performance optimisation. Strong typing, early binding, and other benefits. ASP.Net code is offering for the performance improvement natural codes. If once the code has been editing then the common language has been running further compiles.

ASP.NET Configuration

ASP.NET configuration used to ASP.NET applications. That the configuration. It may explains the system of your web site, web server, and individual applications. The configuration system used in the time of formulating the ASP.NET application. This application system may add or receive. The configuration setting with low effect on operational web applications.

Web Services Framework

It is a component. This is having the business functionalities that set up the applications. Web service framework is supports the ASP.NET. By using the HTTP and XMl messaging the information will be exchanging.

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Scaffolding

ASP.Net web forms created by the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Scaffolding. By this use the ASP.NET web applications. Data-driven application creation will be easy. This framework offers the scaffolding functional web site seeing and editing. It used and discovering data models.