Angularjs introduction

Introduction to Angularjs:-- AngularJS Introduction AngularJS is a JavaScript framework.Architecture, Advantages Angularjs Architecture Diagram.User events trigger the functions which are stored inside your controller. The user events are part of the controller.

What is angularjs ?

  • Angularjs is a client side (browser side) technologies,which is developed by google & Framework of Javascript.
  • By using Angularjs we can decrease burden at server side so applications most reliable increase  speed, secure, code reusable.
  • using angularjs ,we can develop --> single page application. Even gmail is also a single page application. it means content will asynchronously.

Version of angularjs?

  • Current version--> angular 6.x
Versions Angulajs1 Angulajs2 angulajs3 angulajs4 angulajs5 angulajs6

Is platform Dependent?

Using angular js , we can develop hylorid application. It means, which will work in different platforms like Web app Android IOS Window blackberry Easy to test -> Karma, jasmine, protractor.

Difference b/w angularjs & angular :--                                             


  • angularjs is working with js
  • If will work with "CDN"
  • If don't sperit folder structure
  • specially web app development
  • SEO friendly
  • works with Es5


  • angular is working with typescript
  • To install angular project,we node node package (npm)manage
  • Angular is well developed,and have good folder structure & Excellent work flow
  • mobile app & web application development
  • more seo friendly than angularjs
  • works with Es6
Important points:                           
  • angular has better performance than angularjs
  • angularjs more testable
  • React js is competitor to angular.
Difference b/w angular & React:--


  • Angularjs developed by google.
  • Javascript framework
  • Supports two-way data binding
  • Works with js and html
  • Current version is angular 6
  • Using angular we can develop hybrid application.using Ionic frame.


  • Reactjs developed by facebook
  • Javascript framework
  • Supports one-way data binding
  • Works with js and js a
  • Current version is react js 16
  • Using reactjs we can develop mobile application.using react native.

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