Usually "Angular.js" or "AngularJS 1.X" known as ANGULAR JS. It is an open source JavaScript based web application. This web application provided by Google. Single page web applications are developing. By the community of individuals and corporations of many challenges. Cross platform mobile apps are developing by this JavaScript component. Apache Cordova complimented to the Javascripted. ANGULARJS aim is to provide the facilities. They are both developing and testing  applications. Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM), and Model-view-controller (MVC) architectures provided to develop the framework. These components used in Internet applications. During the time 2014 the Angular JS team has  working with Angular.

ANGULARJS Introduction:

 By studying the HTML page the framework of Angular JS will be working. It is apply to the new custom tag. AngularJS Introduction explains the attributes. The attributes on the page input and output parts are difficult to apply. This model represented by the variables of standard JavaScript. The values of the Javascripted variables put within the code, or recovered from the dynamic and static JSON resources.

Scope of the Angular JS:

The computer science fundamentals are like the Angular JS scope. The difficulties of the program are valid in scope of the Angular JS. The scope of the Angular JS acts as the gum and the controller and view are difficulties. Angular JS scope is one type of object. That means the angular JS usual rules are variable in the scope. If the scope is mention  it refers to the angular JS scope, not to the name binding.

Two-way data binding in Angular Js:

 Two-Way data binding  the most important feature.  It completes the responsibilities  the server backend relaxed. According to the data have the model scope in plain HMTL templates.  Angular detects the changes in HMTL model. Model changes the view and HMTL expression by the controller. By comparing the current values Angular JS find the changes. Earlier values stored  the process of dirty-checking,  Ember.Js and BAckbone.js. The model values changed.
ANGULAR JS developing APPS
      ANGULAR JS developing APPS:
  • The Guardian
  • YouTube for PS3
  • Weather
  • Freelancer
  • Netflix
  • jetBlue
  • Upwork
  • iStock Photo
  • Lego
  • PayPal