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Analysis Services Scripting Language

  The Analysis Services Scripting Language is an extension to XMLA. It adds an object definition language and command language.  For creating and managing Analysis Services structures on the server. The custom application to communicate with Analysis Services over the XMLA protocol. The Analysis Services Scripting Language DDL defines the structure of Analysis Services objects. Such as cubes, dimensions, and mining models of Analysis Services objects to data sources. The DDL also persists the definition of Analysis Services objects. Applications use the DDL to create, alter, deploy, and describe Analysis Services objects

Usage Scenarios


  A developer designs a set of cubes by using the Development Studio design tools. It saves the definition as part of a project. The developer is not conformed to using the design tools. But can also open the cube definition files to edit the XML, which uses the format described in this section.


  A database administrator (DBA) uses the SQL Server Management Studio to edit XML. To creating and altering Analysis Services objects in the same way the DBA uses. The SQL Server DDL to create and alter Microsoft SQL Server objects.  


  The schema specification uses the XML namespace.


  The definition of an XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema.  The Analysis Services object definition language works by the definition of the schema elements.  


  Extensibility of the object definition language schema means of an Annotation element. That includes in all objects. This element can contain valid XML from any XML namespace

  • The XML can contain only elements.
  • Each element must have a unique name. The value of Name reference the target namespace.

The contents of the Annotation tag can expose as a set of Name/Value pairs. Comments and white space within the Annotation tag. That are not enclosed with a child element may not preserve.  All elements must read-write; read-only elements ignored. The object definition language schema is close.  That the server does not allow substitution of derived types for elements schema. So, the server accepts only the set of elements. It defined here no other elements or attributes. Unknown elements cause the Analysis Services engine to raise an error.


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